We produce stamping parts from various materials:

– Various steels and non-ferrous metals

– Stainless steel up to micro-alloyed material

– Aluminum alloys

– Copper alloys

– Brass.

The production lot sizes of stamped parts range from 100pcs to large series.

Specific customer parts can be produced quickly thanks to our own tool making.


– Maximum material thickness for the presses up to 10mm.

– Maximum coil width 300mm.

Equipment for stamping parts:

  • 1 Olympia eccentric press 100t with coil loader
  • 1 Ravne eccentric press 60t with coil loader
  • 1 Olympia eccentric press 40t with coil loader
  • 1 Atlas eccentric press 25t with coil loader
  • 1 Atlas eccentric press 10t with loader
  • 5 Various presses 70tons and 40tons.